Role-Playing Game [English Cover]

February 18, 2020 571 No Comments


!!!! FPS COMING SOON !!!! STAY TUNED !!!! Thank you for watching our English cover of RPG! Epic loved the original, and therefore then forced all of her friends to cover it with her, and they had at least a moderate amount of fun doing it! Probably! The original is amazing. Seriously, go watch it:… Mafumafu’s channel:… Instrumental used:… All artwork outside of the video, along with the transcription of the lyrics, is done by me, epic_new_moon! You can listen to our cover on Soundcloud here:… And of course, thank you to all of the amazingly talented friends in the video: Jaden the Edgy Boyo: YouTube:… Len★: Twitter: @dwarflen FΔϺIͶΣ:


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