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ALL PRODUCTS LISTED BELOW 🙂 READ ME! Hey guys!! So after probably a year of you guys asking, here is my everyday / go to makeup routine! I definitely don’t wear all of this on a daily basis but if there’s a go-to look that I do, it’s always this one! I definitely am not a makeup artist or guru in any way, but this is just how I like to do my makeup so I thought I’d finally share with you guys! So please no negativity or judgement – everybody does their makeup in different ways and it’s all alllll fine. If you have any questions at all leave them down below, I love chatting with you! Also I would’ve loved to make this a chatty video but there was SO much construction and noise behind where I was filming so it was impossible. I hope this voiceover does it all justice 🙂 Love you so so much! X

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