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Entry-level jobs in film and television. If you want to work in television and film, there are a couple of ways you can stand out. Production Assistant or office based Assistant at an agency, production company or studio are your main ways to get jobs. Today we’ll cover which option is probably the best place for you to start your Hollywood career and how to start making steps to those areas. In this video we will cover: What does a PA do, or what does a Production Assistant do What does an agency assistant do? What does starting in the mailroom mean? What does an office assistant do? Should I work at a studio or an agency? Where to Find Jobs in Film & TV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szMS7… WHERE TO FIND ME INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/cassthompsoncons… TWITTER: http://twitter.com/cassthompson FACEBOOK: fb.me/cassthompsoncareer ABOUT MY CHANNEL: Looking for help on your resume? Finding your first entry-level job, or switching positions? I’m here to help with all things career-related whether finding a job, or keeping and loving the one you have. I have a passion and love to learn and research about careers, so you don’t have to. I’ll give you the best of all the advice I know and have experienced. Please subscribe and hit that notifications bell to be updated when new videos are uploaded!

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