BRITISH FOOD Traditional Roast Potatoes Recipe British Cooking

February 16, 2020 389 No Comments


BRITISH FOOD Traditional Roast Potatoes Recipe – British Cooking. Another British Food Idea. This How To Make British Roast potatoes recipe is so easy to do, just make sure you follow what I say and use the correct type of Potatoe and you will have the Perfect Roast Potato. A staple British Food Tradition these Easy Roast Potatoes are so tasty and quick to cook. British cooking is simple, easy and tasty, I’ve even given options on which potatoes you can use for roasting if you are from America and love English food. You will be able to make your own Traditional Roast Potato Recipe , a great British Food Tradition at home wherever you are in the world. In this video I also mention that I will be asking you to comment below on what you would like me to cook for you on British Cook, I will choose one comment at random and feature it in a video which will be uploaded. So make sure to let me know your favourite British Food is.


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