British Cooking – Royal Wedding Food Coronation Chicken Picnic Recipe

February 16, 2020 563 No Comments


British Royal Wedding Food Coronation Chicken Picnic Recipe . The Royal Wedding was today, this is a British picnic idea from the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. This easy coronation chicken is a Royal Wedding food recipe, a fantastic British Food Idea so simple as a British Picnic Idea . The Coronation chicken recipe was developed and created in 1953, the idea being it could be made by normal people after the strict rationing of the previous years. Coronation Chicken has remained very popular ever since, very easy to make and so so tasty British Coronation chicken can be found in sandwiches in most shops still, or in tubs. This is a classic and timeless dish, something delightful. Thank you so much for taking a look at my British Cooking Channel, I hope you all had a great day. From me British Cook, to you. Enjoy your own Royal Wedding Buffet by watching all of my videos and enjoy the Royal wedding food recipes. As always I have added closed captions to the video to make it accessible for all. Click on CC for closed captions.


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