Ama Lou – We Tried, we tried. (Official Music Video)

February 10, 2020 427 No Comments


Ama Lou – We Tried, we tried. ‘We tried, we tried’ is a song about the breakdown of a relationship. For the video it’s told through the lifelong marriage of a frustrated husband and wife both played by Ama Lou. Following the couple over the course of one particularly hectic night in their mundane lives, the actions on screen directly emulate the lyrics as we watch the couple get increasingly frustrated with each other. We see the intricacies of their relationship and mutual feelings towards each other through a comical lens. “I just wanted to show a different kind of narrative, the song is about the breakdown of a relationship and I wanted it to visually represent something different. Plus I couldn’t wait to wear prosthetics haha. It’s super wacky and I knew it definitely wouldn’t be expected”


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