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Every day doctors are working to save lives around the world, combining their medical knowledge with incredible medical inventions – miracles are real now! Saving lives, preventing diseases, more accurate diagnosis and better patient care – these are only some of the great benefits of medical innovations! The medicine changes fast and help people to live longer and keep their health. What once was a major medical breakthrough may now be a common place surgery or medication, but we shouldn’t forget the incredible strides and changes that the medical profession has made in keeping us all healthy and living a better life. Check out this compilation of 9 medical inventions that will definitely amaze you! TIMESTAMPS: 0:01 – Automated Cpr; 1:38 – An Alternative To Ordinary Crutches; 2:56 – A Chair To Lift Up Injured People; 4:56 – Advanced Crutches; 6:02 – A Virtual Surgery Intelligence Product; 5:59 – Electric Beds That Carefully Turn Patients; 6:28 – A Whole-body Ultrasound That Fits In Your Pocket; 8:28 – A Human Floor Lift; 9:42 – A Sensor That Determines Allergens.


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