Pole Riding with WWE’s New Day (Xavier Woods & Kofi Kingston)

February 18, 2020 426 No Comments


We’ve got Kofi and Xavier of WWE’s New Day in the building and we’re playing Sportsfriends Super Pole Riders! Click here to watch PART 2 and see who loses and faces a mystery punishment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X5PoC… Punch that bell icon so you’ll know when we add a new episode! SHOP THE SMOSH CLOTHING LINE: https://smosh.store Watch Michelle Khare, Chris Klemens & Demetrius Harmon | You Posted That?: https://youtu.be/JjEeczmdgF8 Watch WORK WIFE VS WORK HUBBY: WHO KNOWS ME BEST?: https://youtu.be/hxcmY3hgRVQ Watch Vaping Dads & Social Media Burnout – SmoshCast #38: https://youtu.be/SENxtin1tc4 Subscribe To Smosh Games: https://smo.sh/Sub2SmoshGames Follow Us: Instagram: https://instagram.com/smoshgames Facebook: https://facebook.com/smoshgames Twitter: https://twitter.com/smoshgames Damien Haas: https://www.instagram.com/damienhaas/ Mari Takahashi: https://www.instagram.com/atomicmari/ Lasercorn: https://www.instagram.com/thelasercorn/ Matt Raub: https://www.instagram.com/mattraub/ Kofi Kingston: https://www.instagram.com/thetruekofi/ Xavier Woods: https://www.instagram.com/xavierwoods… Check Out Our Other Smosh Channels: Smosh: https://smo.sh/Sub2Smosh Smosh Pit: https://smo.sh/Sub2SmoshPit SmoshCast: https://smo.sh/Sub2SmoshCast


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