BRITISH FOOD British Cooking Super Shepherds Pie Recipe

February 16, 2020 553 No Comments


BRITISH FOOD British Cooking Super Shepherds Pie Recipe, if you love British food, this British food idea of Shepherds Pie is a traditional tasty and easy way to feed the family. This Real shepherds pie recipe is a lamb shepherds pie. Traditionally shepherds pie is made with lamb in the UK. Cottage Pie is made with beef, both have different herbs and seasonings in them. In my British cooking show I show you this lovely rich and tasty shepards pie which is a firm favorite of mine. By adding a bit of garlic, rosemary and thyme you can really change the taste from something tasty but average to this super special easy shepherds pie recipe . I had a bit of a disaster when I was making this video and melted my tripod, but I carried on filming. I love making food for you all on my British cooking channel and I’ve had some amazing and kind comments from those of you that watch my videos. Thank you so much for enjoying what I do with British food here on BritishCook. I go live every Sunday on YouTube if you want to chat to me live or take part in one of my cooking shows. Looking forward to seeing you soon.


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